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Signs from Asia – Analesson

An oldie but a goodie from Korea.

Signs from Asia - Analesson

Signs from Asia – Plant Emotions

Signs from Asia - Plant Emotions

Living in a Cloud

Rainy Season + Heat + Humidity = Perpetual Sweating

This is a hard post to write without making it look like I’m just complaining about something that is common knowledge for anyone considering coming to China: the south is hot.  The truth is I’m loving China so far and certainly don’t consider the weather a deal breaker of any sort, but I wanted to paint a picture of how naive I was.  I thought I knew about humidity.  I thought I could handle it.  After living nearly all of my life in the South Eastern United States, I thought I’d be ready for the weather in Southern China.  And since I’m already having to write this before summer even officially starts, it should be pretty clear that I was wrong.
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Getting a Work Visa for China

My Z Visa Experience

I wanted to dedicate a post to explaining how I got my work visa for China because while it is not all that complicated, there are quite a few steps.  If you only take one thing away from this let it be that I highly recommend getting help from someone that speaks Chinese, I couldn’t imagine doing this process alone.

Also worth mentioning is that the visa process often varies by province and occasionally by city, so the protocol for Guangzhou and Guangdong might not be the same for other areas.  The general process is this:

Invitation letter > Application > Visa > Health Check > Foreign Expert Certificate > Residency Permit

1.  Get a job.  You have absolutely no chance of getting a work visa if you don’t have a job, it’s not like a tourist visa where you just tell them you are coming and they stamp your passport and send you on your way.  Look for employers that offer visa assistance because as I mentioned above, it will be invaluable.

2.  Submit proof of work experience and education to your employer.  This used to be done by physically mailing everything, but luckily I was able to scan and email my diploma, passport, recent photo, and resume. These are used to verify that you meet the minimum requirements to work in China.  Your employer will use all this to sponsor your visa and get you an…
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Signs from Asia – Dear Members

This looks like its straight out of Google Translate.

Signs from Asia - Gym

Signs from Asia – No Worries

Signs from Asia - No Worries

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